You Premier Mechanical Contractor servicing central Texas Since 2012.

Commercial Mechanical Solutions

SI Mechanical LLC was founded in 2012.  With over 75 years of combined experience in the HVAC and Plumbing Industry, SI Mechanical is dedicated to providing the very best service possible.  Let us help with your preconstruction planning so your project gets off on the right foot.

Industry Expert Solutions

We install, service and maintain all makes and models for all types of installations.  With our extensive experience, we can recommend the best products to fit your project.  From industrial piping and equipment to hospital plumbing and medical gas systems.  We have the experience to exceed the toughest demands.

Individualized Mechanical Options

Our clien​ts’ needs are unique, as is our approach to meeting their expectations.  Our approach will ensure precise planning and execution so you don't get unwanted surprises.  Intricate planning means completing on-time, underbudget with minimal interruptions and it shows on the bottom line.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on repeat business and always take a team approach to our clients’ needs.  That why we would much rather complete 100 HVAC and Plumbing Construction projects with one client than one project with 100 clients.

What Sets SI Mechanical Apart

We tackle the rigorous planning and fabrication in house.  We control every aspect of our projects from BIM Coordination to custom duct and pipe fabrication here, locally, in Buda, Texas.

Want to Get Ahead on Your Project?

Let SI Mechanical tackle the design in your next project.  In order to ensure timely design and precise budget adherence, we can design-build-maintain your project so you can focus on your other parts of your business.

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