What We Do / Construction

SI Mechanical, LLC has been serving Central Texas since 2012. We started as a small HVAC and Plumbing Contracting doing retail and tenant finish out projects with our friends and colleagues. Our first year we scrambled to do just under $500,000 in sales. Each year after we would double and sometimes triple in volume. Fast forward 10 years and we have grown to over $30 Million in revenue and 125 employees. We don’t plan to stop there. Our qualified staff was not assembled overnight. We have spent the last 10 years training, cultivating and grooming our staff to be the best. You’ll find that SI Mechanical, LLC has a great team atmosphere, great employee retention and overall positivity that leads to a better customer experience.

SI Mechanical, LLC prides itself in the relationships we have made with Owners, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Design Engineers, Trade Partners, Vendors and Subcontractors. It takes a village to make a project a success. Our philosophy is simple. Build a great team, build a great relationship, build a great project. Let those relationships carry you forward. SI Mechanical, LLC has found tremendous success in continuing to work with repeat customers. It has been those relationships that have allowed SI Mechanical, LLC to grow in so many directions. We have experience in all types of construction from cleanrooms, pharmaceutical, industrial process, public schools, higher education and hospitals. We would not have gained these experiences without the trust and relationships of our customers.

SI Mechanical, LLC offers several different levels or styles of project delivery.

  1. Most common method of project delivery is the hands-off, hard bid approach. Clients prepare their documents for the delivery to the subcontractor community for solicitation of bids. Contractors are often chosen by price. Often, contractors will identify missing details or conflicts that will lead to change orders during the estimating process, but it’s too late. In order to remain competitive, contractors are instructed to bid the plans and specifications. Deviating from the plans can lead to disqualification or a high bid. There is no incentive to point out the problem areas in the hard bid scenario. However, SI Mechanical, LLC doesn’t strive to be the low bid contractor. In fact, our company was built by doing the right thing and helping our customers. We have a responsibility to our customers to give them a well-constructed project while still being competitive. You do have a choice when it comes to choosing who installs your mechanical systems. The hard bid approach is good for establishing where the market price stands, but its always best to pre-qualify the list of mechanical contractors from whom you are soliciting bids.
  2. Let SI Mechanical, LLC design your next HVAC and Plumbing project with the design-build method. We ask a few basic questions regarding performance and project goals, then provide a comprehensive design to meet your goals with regard to energy efficiency, first cost, operating cost, ease of maintenance or simplicity to operate. We are experts in our field we can always recommend a design that meets your overall goals. Our knowledge and experience was forged through learning from the past. Let us put our experience to work for you and get it right the first time.
  3. The Design-Assist Method is where we are given some insight once the design is complete to review the Architect’s design for constructability, cost to budget comparisons and general adherence to code compliance and industry standards. There is no cost for this review process, and it can save thousands in redesign fees, change orders or coordination between trades. Often times when SI Mechanical, LLC is brought into the process early, we can identify lead time issues or apply lessons learned from previous projects. We can also check the numbers with realtime industry pricing to make sure you stay within your budget.

Construction can be challenging. SI Mechanical, LLC has learned over the years that the more we can manufacture and control with our own people the better we can deliver on our promises. We have built a team of the most qualified plumbers, pipefitters, welders, millrights, sheetmetal mechanics and technicians in the area. Together, our tradesmen carry hundreds of years of experience. Our personnel are continuously learning new technologies. SI Mechanical, LLC employees continuously receive training on the lastest, greatest technologies and best practices. We do not outsource our work to temporary labor. All of our personnel are SI Mechanical, LLC employees. Next, we fabricate our own parts in house. Whether it is a plumbing battery, piping spool or sheetmetal ductwork, we build it ahead of time so we are ready when the jobsite is ready. This allows us to be more productive in the field when the time comes. We offer in-house Building Information Modeling (BIM) and clash detection to work out the conflicts before construction starts. Once fabrication starts, you have the peace of mind to know that everything fits.

Our projects together have included multiple shutdowns that have been successfully executed with significant involvement and support from SI Mechanical’s leadership team. These projects have required thorough planning and coordination with all members of the project team, including end user, and often occur on weekends, nights, and holidays. We’ve selected SI Mechanical for the projects because of competitive pricing, but also because of their commitment to the resources they provide and the quality of work. Kitchell Contractors